When Do You Actually Start Work?

I seem to find myself constantly digging through old reddit posts.  A post that recently caught my eye was about a user named superm0nky who compiled together a very detailed chart regarding his daily work habits, see below.

Are you a entrprenour, artist or perhaps a tele-commuter?

If you tracked your hours what do you think they would look like?

I think back to my previous franchise business and how my graph may have looked over the seven years of building my company.  Would my graph show patterns that related to how well my business was doing?  I bet so!

Luckily for the readers of the 939MakersHub, reddit user  Superm0nkey tracked the hours that he worked for three years and published the chart you see below. He didn’t like his job very much, and thus you will see a recurring pattern over the three year period.. “I’m happy to say I no longer work there,” he wrote on reddit,

Where he also noted that he hated his job.

In the beginning, Superm0nkey would get in around 7 AM. Then 8 AM.  Then 9 AM. Then almost 10 AM.  As entrepreneurs you know this could only continue on before you saw an impact on an entirely different graph that reads “Sales” .  “I hated the nature of the work, therefore my strong affinity toward putting off work.”

I think back to year six in my time of building my franchises and my lunches had become quite lengthy.  I remember filling myself with concern and worry.  Thinking this was helping.  Now reading the chart below I think to what my graph would have told me. It was pretty easy pointing out: his lunch breaks over time got longer. Sometimes he wouldn’t come back from lunch until after 5PM!

When he was at the office, Superm0nkey notes not a lot of time was productive: “since I posted this on reddit, you can guess what I did [sometimes] at work.”  He noted.

Supermonkey did not enjoy what he was doing at the time and his productivity suffered immensely as you can see on his chart.  Your time is extremely valuable and if your doing something you don’t like your not going to fool yourself!  If anything you sub conscious will fool you into putting of the dreaded work.

Do you like what you do?


Do you still like your company?


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