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939 Makers Hub (FAQ)


Our Mission

939 Makers Hub’s sm goal is to provide you with a high quality and clean social environment designed and built by Hackers, Developers, Designers, and more.

About Us

939 Makers Hub is a 36 room co-living and co-working community and network for art and technology creators in the heart of the Arts District, Vallejo and Walnut Creek!

Encompassing over 10,000 sq feet; the two spaces are comprised of individual rooms, private offices, co working space, a roof top courtyard, and 6 private bathrooms. There are multiple areas in which you will have additional access to, such as our two 939 Makers Hub retail stores, the great room (with couches for your inner coder) and the kitchen (for your inner foodie).

Collaboration occurs daily between our residents. We have in-house counsel, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, brand consultants, and well-connected entrepreneurs among our permanent residents, you have every resource at your fingertips.

We throw a ton of events in our co-living space as well as the co-working space.


“we strive to create urban projects designed to advance open, shared, collaborative lifestyles.”


Offering:  Living Spaces | Work Spaces | Event Venue

Makers Hub POV


Why 939

What is the story behind 939?

The numbers 939 is made up of the energies of the numbers 9 and 3, with the powerful number 9 appearing twice, magnifying its influences.

 Number 9 resonates with the vibrations of the Universal Spiritual Laws;

  • service to humanity

  • leadership

  • leading by positive example

  • compassion and benevolence

  • a higher perspective

  • Divine and inner-wisdom, and Lightworking

Number 3 adds its attributes of;

  • manifesting prosperity

  • abundance

  • creativity

  • self-expression

  • communication

  • encouragement

  • adventure

  • enthusiasm

  • and joy

At 939 Makers Hub and 939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios we look to encompass the above attributes on a daily basis in business.