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Hi Everyone!

These past couple weeks have been crazy…in a good way!
We’ve been launching our company into a full media makers hub of media services!  Also Today was my son’s first field trip in Kindergarten (no tears shed, phew!), and this past Monday, and 939MakersHub launched its first video highlighting just some of our service, with more videos to come.

939 Sign along with 939MakersHub is now offering signs, websites, and videography.

Since I wrote about 939MakersHub last, click here, I know a lot of you are interested in how the launch is going, which is the opening of our co-working community offering over 10,000sq feet of space to bring in the top designers, web developers, sign makers, professional videographers and vehicle wrap specialists!

It was a soft launch (meaning no huge campaign besides an email broadcast to subscribers and social media sharing), but I’m very happy with the results so far! Over the course of 5 days, The 939MakersHub has signed  top web developers, sign and vehicle wrap specialists in addition to an amazing videographer. 10,000 square feet is now dedicated to your sign manufacturing, web presence and media needs.
I’m excited to go over the details with you in the near future, and I’m excited for more aggressive campaigns to spread the word about 939MakersHub, such as webinars and paid advertising. Because 939MakersHub will have the space to build and execute some of the San Francisco Bay Area Premier Signage and Digital Media Signage. I’m excited to add the 939MakersHub to our existing 939Sign brand.
More on that soon. 
In other news, I wanted to make sure you caught the latest episode of The 939MakersHub Web Series as Ray talks with AJ.  A.J is a father of two, wake boarding fanatic and videographer.  A.J. and Teal Star Productions offers some of the San Francisco Bay Area Premier Video Services such as; corporate training videos, weddings, real estate marketing videos as well as social media management, Learn more about AJ and his video services, click here
Several people have emailed me to let me know our last piece regarding Virtual Assistants was their all-time favorite post so far. So if you haven’t checked it out here, here’s a convenient link for you below:
I also try and be very active in the comment section if you have any questions or comments. 
Have an amazing rest of the week, and be sure to follow me on Facebook to see updates about the community driven 939MakersHub offering custom signage, video services, websites and more..

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