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I’m back again and I’m writing from the outfield of the San Francisco Giants ballpark, as we make last minute changes to the dugout signs shortly before The World Series Game 4.

All of us here at 939MakersHub watched feverishly as we hoped and prayed that the San Francisco Giants would earn a spot in the 2014 World Series as 939Sign a 939 Makers Hub affiliate is the exclusive provider for The San Francisco Giants

Us Sign Makers here at 939MakersHub and all Giants Fans across the San Francisco Bay had our prayers answered as the Giants romped the Cardinals for a crushing defeat to enter into The 2014 World Series.  The night the Giants claimed their spot in the 2014 World Series the crew here at 939MakersHub and 939Sign all went a little crazy.  We’re not just avid Baseball and San Francisco Giants Fans; we’re a bunch a guys that got to push our printing equipment to the limits as we began producing the bulk of The San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series signage, That’s right!  Your very own Walnut Creek Sign makers are the “Pros on the Field” when the Giants play ball!  To see our printers hard at work printing the San Francisco Giants World Series signage click here.

Also be sure to check out our interview  at the end of this post with Richard Abbot of 939Sign/Signworks.  Richard has been making signs for the San Francisco Giants since the ballpark opened in 2000.

“To see this kind of World Series buzz and fan momentum in The San Francisco Bay Area is always amazing.  To experience it for a third time from the field with the players takes that buzz to another level.” - Richard Abbot

To see Richard and the crew live on the field during practice with The San Francisco Giants before the World Series click here.

From large over sized banners to huge “wall paper” like advertisements 939Sign can create a variety of custom signage.
To see the huge San Francisco Giants banner we made click here

Several people have emailed me to ask questions regarding 939 Makers Hub video services by AJ Marinaccio that we mentioned in the last post. So if you haven’t checked it out,  here’s a the link for you below:

Click the image below to watch the exclusive interview with Richard Abbot from 939Sign/Signworks

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