The Doubling of Our Population :
How to Reinvent the Apartment Building

From highrise apartments in Manhattan

to the bustling streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, urban density is growing by leaps and bounds.  I stumbled on a TED Video:  Moshe Safdie: How to reinvent the apartment building (see video at end of post).  This immediately intrigued me as the topic felt parallel to what we are building here at 939 Makers Hub, our 36 room co-working and co-living community.

As urban areas continue to grow and the “suburban sprawl” becomes less of a economical option, over time people will be forced to identify new ways of living.  Ways of integrating better into the existing landscape.  This could be done through the redevelopment of older buildings or via new construction.  As more and more members of the millennial generation opt for downtown urban areas, as noted in the article “The End of the Suburbs” by Urban Development: The Challenge and the Promise.  To read the article click here.

As noted in Leigh’s article from Time; prior to motor vehicles, commuters once leaving the train station had to walk homoshesafdieme, thus houses were built close to one another and within walking distance to the station.  The result of this: specific streets that incurred lots of foot traffic.  Stand near a B.A.R.T. station in San Francisco and this is vividly illustrated.  Business owners set up shop around the most trafficked of areas.  This created a village center that formed a grid shaped street pattern. This development occurred organically as more and more shops were added and streets became more dense.  This same concept is now being developed in a similar way that master-planned communities did for suburban sprawl.  Transit Villages are now being developed throughout San Francisco Bay Area cities under the concept “Plan Bay Area”, to read more about the San Francisco Bay Area master plan click here.

From the “Plan Bay Area” article  to Moshe Safdie talk “How to reinvent the apartment building”  there are numerous insights on how to deal with our doubling population.

What’s your point of view?

As the millennial generation continues to move away from their parents home will they(we) opt for downtown or suburbs?

With a master plan for transit villages throughout the San Francisco Bay Area will the maturing Millennial generation of major metropolitan areas have a choice?

Please post your response below.  And be sure to check out Moshe Safdie talk below.



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