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Custom Ordered Logo – Derreck

Item ID: Derreck – Custom Ordered Logo Type: Service Description: Custom Ordered Logo – Entrepreneur 247365 (up to 5 revisions) Total (non taxable) – $75 Price: 75.00

Custom Order – Derreck Stratton

Item ID: Mobile Application Development Type: Product Description: Custom Mobile Application Development : Front End User Interface Premium Paid User Interface Back End Operator Interface Total: $3,760  Total with Tax: $4,079.6 Payment-1 of 2 -$2,039.80 *Second Payment made Upon Delivery of Web Credentials Price: 2,039.80

The Doubling of Our Population :
How to Reinvent the Apartment Building

From highrise apartments in Manhattan to the bustling streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, urban density is growing by leaps and bounds.  I stumbled on a TED Video:  Moshe Safdie: How to reinvent the apartment building (see video at end of post).  This immediately intrigued me as the topic felt parallel to what we […]

Makers Hub Features : Signworks, LLC

  I’m back again and I’m writing from the outfield of the San Francisco Giants ballpark, as we make last minute changes to the dugout signs shortly before The World Series Game 4. All of us here at 939MakersHub watched feverishly as we hoped and prayed that the San Francisco Giants would earn a spot in the […]

2014 World Series | Behind the Scenes

Hi Everyone, 939 Makers Hub is at it again.  939 Makers Hub had a exclusive group outing this past weekend; behind the scenes at the World Series 2014 from the San Francisco Giants Ballpark. Eight of us embarked on San Francisco late Saturday morning.  San Francisco is a mere ferry ride (boat transportation is for […]

What is Co-Living | a New York Times sited, Millennial Movement

Since the launch of 939MakersHub I have been asked a number of  questions.  People trying to understand the idea behind co-living and co-working.  For years I bit my tongue as people made remarks that clearly underscored the lack of understanding around the concept.  So let me use this space to indulge in what specifically co-living […]

939MakersHub Goes to YouTube HQ

Hey What’s Up Everyone? We’re hard at work at our co-working and co-living community 939MakersHub; building out piece by piece what will be an amazing community center for the artists in resident as well as a fabulous store that will be open to the public for different community events. I look forward to sharing these […]

Makers Hub Featuring : Teal Star Productions

Hi Everyone! These past couple weeks have been crazy…in a good way! We’ve been launching our company into a full media makers hub of media services!  Also Today was my son’s first field trip in Kindergarten (no tears shed, phew!), and this past Monday, and 939MakersHub launched its first video highlighting just some of our service, […]

When Do You Actually Start Work?

I seem to find myself constantly digging through old reddit posts.  A post that recently caught my eye was about a user named superm0nky who compiled together a very detailed chart regarding his daily work habits, see below. Are you a entrprenour, artist or perhaps a tele-commuter? If you tracked your hours what do you […]

What It Costs To Buy a House Around The Bay Area

I recently was talking with a out of state friend who was looking for a home in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking to get a feel for prices. I had been spending a lot of my time looking for properties that fit our co-working and co-living community for 939MakersHub. I had found this […]