939MakersHub Goes to YouTube HQ

Hey What’s Up Everyone?

We’re hard at work at our co-working and co-living community 939MakersHub; building out piece by piece what will be an amazing community center for the artists in resident as well as a fabulous store that will be open to the public for different community events.

I look forward to sharing these pictures with you soon as the performance stage comes together and the community store is brought to life.

In the meantime I took a long needed brake and attended YouTube LiveCon 2014 with AJ and Hank from Teal Star Productions.  A big thanks to Teal Star Productions for inviting 939MakersHub and myself to this incredible makers event. 

YouTube LiveCon 2014 took place October 4th in San Bruno, Ca. at the YouTube Headquarters.  939MakersHub was especially excited to attend.  939MakersHub located in Vallejo, Ca and Walnut Creek, Ca is a mere ferry ride into the heart of San Francisco or a short drive down the freeway corridor to other great companies like YouTube.  So when 939MakersHub received our invite from Teal Star Productions we were all over it.  To Learn more about Teal Star Productions and their video services click here.

YouTube held a fun October Fest style Dinner after LiveCon2014 (see the picture of AJ and I enjoying  a cold beer after YouTube LiveCon 2014 at the October Fest Reception).  Teal Star Productions was able to grab a exclusive prediction for their Son’s of Anarchy Show  “AJ’s SOA Prediction Show,” to view the exclusive interview and to check out the Son’s of Anarchy Prediction show, click here.

A big thanks to Catherine Clinch for talking with the 939MakersHub crew regarding media and reaching an audience. Catherine was quite helpful with her insights regarding 939MakersHub and the web series we’re building. Catherine is a writer for The Huffington Post and also written scripts for shows like Night Rider which was a extremely popular in the 1980s.  So a big thanks to Catherine, learn more about her company ClinchDigital Media by clicking here.

I learned a lot regarding Youtube Broadcasts and understanding view count and internet traffic at YouTube LiveCon 2014.   939MakersHub will be attending many tech and maker oriented events around the San Francisco Bay in the coming months. I hope next time you can join us for an exclusive 939MakersHub outing.


Check out our video below while hanging out at YouTube Headquarters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 7.35.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-17 at 7.34.35 PM

939MakersHub visits YouTube

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