Are you a Trep’ ? Check out the Pictogram

Are entrepreneurs born or made? This seems to be a common question. One thing is certain Treps’ are cut from a different cloth. Being employed by someone else offers a ton of benefits, from health insurance and matching retirement, these are just a few items that usually are gone without for some Treps’

Are you thinking about striking it out on your own?

Keep reading and find out if your cut from the entrepreneurial cloth and be sure to look at the Pictogram below by Brennen Byrne.

Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?
Are Treps’ or are they born? No one knows for sure, but successful entrepreneurs tend to share these traits:

Focus and Discipline
You need to be a self starter; you’ll need to have the discipline to set work hours, show up, pursue new clients and avoid tempting distractions like your TV.

Culture of Thrift

To prevent yourself from going broke when your business is new or times are slow, you must be willing to go without and think unconventionally. Your business has to be a top priority above buying the latest I-Phone or new car. A Well-padded savings account that can tide you over when your business isn’t generating income will bring you the long term peace of mind thata $100 transaction at Best Buy just can’t deliver.

In order to successfully sell yourself to others, you have to be confident and to confident you must be knowledgeable. If you don’t believe you’re one of the best at what you do, then your not!

Communication is Key
A client is not going to know what’s good for you business. It is in the clients nature to push for price breaks and special exceptions. Under promise and over deliver.

I once produced a very large signage order for a client. The signage was installed in many different locations. It was then brought to my attention the color was slightly off. Don’t be afraid to say you made a mistake and that your in the process of fixing it.


Your reputation is everything. You are the company and you are the employee. Everything you do needs to reflect well on your business.

Superb Record-Keeping Skills
It’s hard but it’s a must. Weather you do this yourself or have a bookkeeper it is critical the books are accurate. From sending invoices to receiving payment it can be very easy to fall behind. Try automating this!


This one relates to the above moto “Under Promise and Over Deliver”.
Once you land the project or gig it’s up to you set bench marks daily to ensure that you are creating forward momentum.

Flexibility is a Life Skill

In one of my older business it seemed that my phone rang a lot from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. My business closed at 5pm, however, the calls were consistent and if left unanswered created anxiety with the clients, I took all the calls after learning the hard way.

Ability to Set Boundaries
This is a must! It maybe that your getting beat up on price or perhaps your being asked to service on a day that your closed. It’s important to know your limitations and set boundaries. Pleasing the client with this special exception may seem like the right thing to. And perhaps it is. But before you do, ask yourself can this be completed on a normal business day, is creating this special exemption sustainable or setting my business up for a long term problem.

Good Health
I used to skip lunches. Everyday I worked right through lunch. This caused me quite a few digestive problems and found myself in the hospital because of it. Be sure to take care of yourself. Exercising should be a requirement for all Treps’.

Work / Life Balance

For Treps’, Myself included this sounds and feels like an oxymoron. Be sure that you really have a passion to serve the clients your serving with a genuine want to help solve their problem. In Example ; If you like Surfing perhaps you may want to open a surf shop. That way when you do have to put in the long weeks it’s not so hard!


This one can be tricky. Especially when it comes to sales. I remember in the summer of 2010 I was in the midst of landing a large client. I had a big sales meeting with deciding Principal of the business. Coming out of the meeting I felt like I could take over the world. It seemed like every question I was asked came back with a answer not only to solve the clients problems but reduce the cost too. Leaving the meeting I “knew” I landed the client. Fast Forward two weeks and I had heard nothing and my two calls were left unanswered. I felt completely devastated. I went from feeling like a 10 to a complete failure. I was nearly a month out from that sales meeting still dragging my feet and feeling down. It was two weeks later I landed my largest client. I never did hear back from the Principal of the original company. Keep your head up, “it hit’s” when you least expect it!

The Bottom Line
Before taking a financial and career risk, make sure to assess whether your personality will help or hinder you. And Remember, it’s going to cost double what you think and take twice as long. When I went to quit my job a as a grocery store manager I called a friend and mentor, Jay. Jay told me don’t quit your job! It’s going to take a lot longer then you think.

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